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I never anticipated being able to say that I’d be able to help someone or some organization with manufacturing processes, employee relations, facility layout, equipment installation and robotics programming.  However, through a few business mistakes over the years and a bad robotics integrator I soon realized that I needed to become better.  I was looking for someone to tell me the facts, provide real solutions, and instill hope about the big decisions.


There are many individuals and companies that will claim they are there to provide a “turn-key service”, and that “customer service” is their top priority, but those can be the land mines.  Customer service is a term that has been overused and abused in my opinion.  


Coming out of the other side of this process, I believe that I am that person.  My journey hasn’t been easy and is far from over.  I’m not done making mistakes, but I will guarantee my work and integrity, and will have accountability to come up with real solutions, not excuses and blame.


I have managed and run a manufacturing facility for 10 years now.  I have been involved from top to bottom from accounting, to supply chain, to powder coating, welding, shop layouts, employee management and retention, adding new equipment and technology and integrating a robotic unit to increase productivity and introduce new products to our line.  It has not come without large learning curves, and a definite trial by fire.  I have found, however, that learning in the line of fire, coupled with an Executive MBA proved to be successful.

Thru this process, I am able to Introduce Lean Manufacturing Principles, specifically 5-S.  These principles have completely changed the flow and operation of my shop and employees to become more efficient, and in turn happier.

I have been able to increase throughput and efficiencies using affordable automation solutions, like robotic welding cells, design, integration, tooling and programming.  MORE ON ROBOTICS INTEGRATION SERVICES HERE

Another insight that I can offer is  how to streamline business processes, by improving supply chain efficiencies , logistics, inbound and outbound freight and packaging.

Accounting is what began my transformation from boyhood in owning a business to manhood.  Although not a CPA, I have been all the way down and risen back up thru trial and error and finally to an accountant that has turned our books into a readable and legitimate reporting of finances.  I am able to share expertise on what to do, who to trust and how I have made the transition from novice.


One of the most key-factors in owning a business or managing people is to always strive to improve workplace culture.  Starting out in my own business, it seemed like a simple task, but as time went on, I found that I had to develop leadership from the top down.  Now healed from the bad workplace culture that once existed, I have developed so many skills and strategies to make sure my employees are productive and happy.  This prevents negative attitudes, and also creates loyalty.

One strategy that I have found to be a challenge, but most successful to create the productive team is implementing an employee incentive program.  The challenge comes as a puzzle.  How to incentivize  employees enough to keep them motivated, while still making enough money as a company to effectively operate.

The happy employees are productive individuals, and a team of happy people will make your business thrive.  Team Building is such a broad term to use, but it does take everyone happily working together to respect their work, the management and the company as a whole.


My degree from Undergrad at Regis University is in Marketing - again, "marketing" is such a broad term these days.  I began my first job in marketing as a Trade Show Coordinator.  Another trial by fire situation, I learned the ins and outs of trade shows, merchandising, signage production, staffing, contracts and unions.

In my current business, it is everything listed above, plus yearly marketing budgeting, creative direction, and I have even done some video editing.

Another broad subject to dive into is Sales.  I have been THE ONLY Sales guy, but now also have a team of Salesmen under my umbrella to manage and inspire.  In my opinion, sales is a delicately crafted skill.  Everyone has their own style - the style that works all depends on what you are selling.  My style can be very different even from customer to customer.  I truly believe that I am able to, again, create good culture with my Salesmen and also my customers.

I have tried multiple sales software systems, and have found one that for my company's budget and needs, it is a great fit...for now.  With the technology world developing as quickly, it is a research project that never seems to end.


For a long time I struggled with high demand for our products at our family manufacturing business.  I wasn't able to find the solution to scale our business without adding a lot of jobs that wouldn't help our bottom line long term.  At the time automation wasn't on my radar, but my Grandfather was buying a trailer for our business one day and happened to get into a conversation about where some of the trailers were made and walked away with a phone number of a company in Mexico that specializes in fabrication and manufacturing.


My journey over the next four years took me down paths that introduced me to so many great people and great businesses that have helped me scale my business as well as others that I have helped get introduced to outsourcing.

The relationships and knowledge that I have gained in this venture is invaluable.  I am confident that I can help companies that need to expand and / or expedite their current manufacturing line find the right partner to accommodate their needs.

An Immediate need that I am able to fill with these contacts is the Intermodal Trailer Industry.

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